Dartmouth Street Extension, L.I.D.

City of Tigard, Oregon

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Thomas/Wright, Inc. was retained by the City of Tigard to identify a route and develop an assessment plan for a major street intertie between the Haines Road exit from I-5 and Pacific Highway. Public involvement was a major element of both route selection and financial planning.

The area contained property owners with a diverse range of personal and economic interests, including an active neighborhood organization, single family residents, operating commercial establishments, land speculators, and land developers. The public involvement program consisted of meetings and telephone interviews with individual property owners and neighborhood representatives, group meetings with property owners and interested citizens, and public hearings before the City Council. The final recommendation was supported by all but one property owner and was approved unanimously by the Tigard City Council.

T/WI then proceeded to prepare right-of-way surveys, legal descriptions of properties to be acquired, and construction plans and specifications for 3,400 feet of major collector street. The project included the design of 3,280 feet of sanitary sewer, 3,860 feet of 12-inch water line, and 3,480 feet of storm drain ranging in size from 10 inches to 48 inches. The completed project, including land acquisition, cost approximately $2 million, excluding legal costs, and directly benefits about 35 acres of commercial land in the Tigard Triangle.

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